The Business Women of Atlanta 

Are Strategic and Intentional About Everything We Do!

Our Mission Is

To film, document, and broadcast how Black women are excelling in business, love each other, and work arm-in-arm to help each other excel in business and in life.

To advance the affairs of other business owners in and around their home towns, cities, counties and the entire state of Georgia. 

To work closely with other business owners, legislators, and others to make communities stronger and safer. 

To work with international leaders to further solidify those socio-economic groups that are typically disenfranchised. 


To work in what ever capacity necessary to advance change for these groups of people on a consistent basis. 


The Business Women of Atlanta (BWA) is an organizational movement created by Dianna Rich and Michel Cockerham to bring Atlanta Business Women together from all walks of life including different socioeconomic backgrounds as well as a variety of educational philosophies.


BWA strive to be creative in their endeavors developing business adventures, generating and manifesting ideas, and being a viable resource for communities in need.  


As a group they

Participate in grand openings, red carpet, and charity events and feature certain locally owned restaurants.  

Encourage entrepreneurship within our cities and communities

Provide domestic and international support building relationship and connecting to improve communities.

Support for local, state and national political affiliates.


As a group of business Leaders,

BWAs are growing an internationally recognized brand that represents women in a positive light. BWA helps to establish ideas for entrepreneurship toward improving existing businesses and building new businesses while improving communities as we move forward.  Being a member of BWA is a movement of shared interest.


Ladies of dignity, diversity and divinity- BWA’s fellowship to celebrate each other and after small milestones are achieved, so the big ones can seem attainable and achievable.


The Business Women of Atlanta are unique, likeable, and lovable. They’ve dedicated their time and resources to be committed to success in many different areas, share keys to success, and have established business relationships to foster longevity and the growth of other business organizations through their efforts.

Expect fashion outside of the ordinary.

Expect to learn new ideas on entrepreneurship.

Expect to hone into the methods they use to be successful

Expect to see measurable positive impressions on young girls.

Expect to smile, giggle, laugh, and cry, as you watch them navigate the journey of their lives.