The Business Women of Atlanta (BWA) is an organizational movement created

by Dianna Rich and Michel Cockerham

to bring Business Women in Atlanta together for the advancement of all 
women and girls. 

BWA are creative in their endeavors; 
Developing creative business ventures, 
Generating and manifesting ideas, 
and are

Viable life-rendering resources for communities in need. 

Ladies of dignity, diversity, and divinity- the BWA fellowship and celebrate small milestones, so 
the big ones can seem attainable and achievable. 

As a group we: 
- Host and participate in grand openings, red carpet, and charity events and feature certain locally owned restaurants and other businesses 
- Encourage and foster entrepreneurship within their communities and cities 
- Provide domestic and international business support as they build relationships and 

connect to improve communities 
- Support local, state and national political affiliates 
- Understand that they are stronger when they are united 
- Have dedicated their time and resources to be committed to success in many different industries, share keys to success, and have established business relationships to foster the longevity of their own business ventures and the growth of other business organizations through their efforts 

As a group of Business Leaders, the BWA are: 
Growing an internationally recognized brand that represents women in a positive light 
Forerunners in establishing ideas for entrepreneurship- improving existing 
businesses and building new businesses while improving communities 
Unique, complicated, likeable, and lovable. 

Expect to: 
Learn new ideas related to entrepreneurship 
Hone in to the methods they use to be successful 
Observe measurable, positive impressions on young girls 
See fashion outside of the ordinary 
Smile, giggle, laugh, and cry, as you watch them navigate the journey of their lives!

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