Chaka Colbert

Chaka Colbert grew up with two sister in Chicago, IL and named after the famed soul, singer Chaka Chan. Chaka’s family is in the entertainment business, which afforded her a glamorous life in the spotlight. She grew up being in various fashion shows and beauty pageants, modeled in JC Penny catalogs and appeared in a Kraft Cheese radio commercial. She even tried out for the Cosby show.


Chaka is a former TV Show Host at Soul Management and Entertainment Company. Her job responsibilities involved interviewing various artist, rappers, singers, comedians, etc. She would gather information about the artist and any projects, and future endeavors connected to the artist.


Chaka is an inspiring actor/model and some of her past features include TV shows, videos, film and appearances on networks stations such as TRUTV and FOX TV networks. Chaka recently co-hosted a radio show in Atlanta, recording voice-overs and radio drops. She also models for promotions and with various high profile celebrities.


Chaka serves as the CEO/Stylist for Uppity Luxe, an exclusive online store for woman and carrying a jewelry line and accessories. Every product featured is styled by her; she has a passion for fashion. Chaka also launched a lip-gloss line that carries various, bold colors. It is a unique line because it combines the lip-gloss and lipstick in one package.


Chaka is also a successful lash technician. While applying lashes she correspondingly educate women, interested in being a part of the lash industry. Chaka’s dreams will allow her to travel from state-to-state, hosting workshops teaching her technique. A couple of years ago Chaka produced an invention and at this time looking for a lawyer to present her project to the right sources.


A few years ago, Chaka experienced something that changed her life forever. She has no idea where to start, but her goal for 2019 is to write and publish a book about that experience.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Chaka worked 8 years in social services as a social worker and teacher. She dealt with infants, toddlers and adolescent youth at several companies, including Aunt Martha’s Youth Services Center, Safe & Sound Childcare and her very own home childcare services. She hopes to create a non-profit organization mentoring our youth.


A few years ago, Chaka’s father, Charles, suddenly passed away, shortly after she relocated to Atlanta. Broken hearted and overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness, has made visiting her father’s grave very hard, especially since he was the most vocal and supportive encourager of her move. The biggest connection and memory Chaka and her two sisters reminisce about is being called by their father, “Charlie’s Angels.” She hopes that that small connection will re-connect the broken bonds between her and her siblings.


Currently engaged, and in spite of her very busy, entrepreneur’s life, Chaka is planning her wedding, set for September 19th, 2019. Chaka still resides in Atlanta, GA.

Happiness is the new Rich!