Only take advice from those who have attained what you aspire to

Dr Dhanvanti Moore

Dr. Dhanvanti Moore is a five times published author and millionaire maker. She has held a real estate broker’s license in multiple states for the last 18 years.


She began her entrepreneurial pursuits as a licensed cosmetologist at 17-years of age. Since then, she has made eleven millionaires through her brand, “20 Month to a Millionaire program.”


Master trader in the Forex Market, a Precious Metal Broker, and a Hedge Fund Manager- she is also a recording artist member of ASCAP, International Business Woman and Wealth Mentor.


Dr. Moore earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Hospitality Management, an MBA, with a concentration in Finance and Accounting, as well as a Doctorate of Divinity, with a concentration in Religious Science.


She is an amazing inspiration to all who comes into her presence. Her love for life and her passion to help others is undeniable. She is a leader among her peers and an innovator of creating dreams.


Dr. Moore currently resides in Atlanta, GA and is happily engaged.