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Dianna Rich

Dianna Rich’s definition of success is setting goals and achieving them. She made a decision to become a professional in the beauty industry while working as a Marketing Manager. Dianna decided to become a salon owner and began this journey with a business partner; together they built the entire business, starting from the ground up.


In a matter of few months Dianna’s salon had a clientele of over 500 clients. Dianna expresses, “My goal is to become and make the maximum I can out of my profession, to become financially independent and share my passion for the beauty industry and product knowledge with my students and other professionals.”


Dianna has been a salon and barbershop owner for over 15 years and because of her passion for beauty and wellness, and over time she began channeling that energy into teaching and counseling others about cosmetics and skincare. She felt as if this were the perfect opportunity to share her knowledge and expertise, not just with her clients, but also with those interested in cosmetic and skincare.


Dianna earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism, with a minor in Theology, from Benedict College in South Carolina. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Trichology. Dianna is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Barber and Licensed Esthetician.


Dianna is from a quaint, rural farm town in South Carolina. She grew up in a Geichie/Gula Culture and was homeschooled until she went off to college. Both of her parents are service members of the armed forces, which offered Dianna the experience of spending time on several Army Military Bases and Marine Bases.


Upon completing her degree at 19-years-old, Dianna moved to Boston, Massachusetts and began working for Schlichtmann, Conway, Crowley and Hugo, which was the largest law firm in Boston at that particular time. Dianna worked as a legal secretary, while obtaining yet another degree, an Associate Degree in Paralegal.


In 2004, Dianna moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began working at Margan, Inc., an engineering firm, as Director of Marketing for 12 years. Even though Dianna has worked most of her life in corporate America, she still has maintained ownership of several salons, spas and barbershops throughout the Atlanta area.


Currently, Dianna is the Cosmetics Manager at Walgreen and has been with the company for 2 years. All while owning and operating her business, Creative Styles Salon and Barber Shop, in Decatur, Georgia. Her plans are to expand to a bigger location, offering more services maximize on the use of extra space.


Dianna has traveled extensively over the course of her life, some for pleasure, and other times for volunteer services. Her travels include domestic and international travels abroad; taking her faraway places such as multiple countries in Africa and in Europe, Germany, India, Korea, Israel and Baghdad, just to name a few. Dianna’s travels where very influential in her development, exposing her to cultures, food, traditions, unique ways of life, diverse communities and people from different walks of life.


Dianna is the mother to her one and only, beautiful daughter, Aieshia, which she considers a blessing to her life.  Dianna resides in Atlanta and considers herself the owner and developer of an International Entrepreneur Salon and as the Cosmetic Queen.