Letita Boyer

The Imagery Artistry, Inc., or T.I. A., formally known as Riz Enterprises, Inc. and Imagery, LLC, conceived September 2006. By the time of the redevelopment of Imagery Artistry, Inc., Letitia Mims, is now the Mrs. Letitia Boyer. Along with internal metamorphosis, came the creation of Riz Enterprises, Inc., which allows her to continue following her passion in creating music and imagery.


Waking up to the sounds of The Supremes or Temptations ringing through the hallways, was a very important memory for Letitia in the definition of self. Some summer mornings, instead of the soulful sounds from the radio, was the tinkering tunes on the piano, followed by the many octaves her grandmother, Minister Catherine Barrow Williams. A gospel and opera singer and philanthropist.


Letitia’s musical influences come from the styles and sounds of Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan areas. After settling down in the south years later, Letitia transformed all those different sounds and influences into a style of music adding a unique, new twist.


Atlanta, being a perfect melting pot of different cultures and personalities, allowed the development of a style that would create to date dozens of poems, songs, lullabies and stories sparked from that inspiration of the imagination.


Letitia shared intimately, “I strive to utilize different ideas and visual descriptions to ignite the imagination. Entrusting the imagination to help express stories of joy, excitement, fantasy, fear, individuals’ personal pain and the trials of continuing each day in the mist of unknowing. I started writing poems and stories as far back as I can remember. Then I found myself creating melodies to go with the different experiences I had growing up.”


In 2004, one of those experiences took Letitia on a path that caused doctors to recommend surgery to her broken leg. A massage and physical therapist opened the door of imagination to the creation of Imagery, LLC. At the time Imagery, LLC was just a mere idea, but its growth quickly took flight.


In less than a year, and with the same dedication, guts, and hard work that steadily moved her up the corporate ladder, Letitia left the world of traditional corporate business to create a new and innovative vision. She designed a concept to engage the imagination into excitement, peace and a new level of muscle health, so in 2007; Imagery, LLC was born. 


By integrating various massage modalities into every session, the therapists at T. I. A. are able to target problem areas, melt away muscle tension and alleviate pain. Customized sessions offers tailored focus on your muscles specific aches and needs to achieve maximum benefits and muscle performance.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a Bud was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom