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Dr Michel Cockerham

Dr Michel Cockerham is from a small community in Florida, called Two Egg. She has an older sister, a younger sister, and four younger brothers. She is also a graduate of Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Master’s degree in Administration. She also holds a MBA and a PhD in Sales and Marketing.


Dr Cockerham has held various executive and senior management positions focused on the development of business relations and the expansion of B2C and B2B offerings, she served as VP of Business Development for Jamaica Based international Customer Contact Centers. She constructed a system for contracting new B2B contracts for a national post-graduate educational program for Medical Residents and practicing Medical Doctors across the United States. For several years, she served as the VP of Marketing for an international Venture Capital Firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.


She is frequently tapped to provide insight on how to create and erect operational and technological systems to expand non-profit and for profit entities. Dr. Cockerham served with an international think tank based in the Midwestern United States. During this time, she worked on projects brainstorming to provide solutions in engineering, energy, and nation-building efforts within the global community. 


She is contributing Author of the Best Selling Book, Chocolate and Diamonds for a Woman's Soul: Stories of Resilience, Grace, and Faith and a second collaboration, releasing in 2019: Say Yes to Your Purpose!

She conducts research and presents academic, Peer-Review Lectures on Brand Loyalty and Intergenerational Transference of Purchase Behavior, is frequently a guest host of Boss Ladies of Finance, and Journey to Surrender, two Talk Shows that are part of the CTN WGNM Network. In addition, she volunteers with Habitat for Humanity Homebuilders, and provides mentorship for the teens with Miss and Teen Miss Black US Ambassador Pageant. She is the former Director of Business Development for Next Level Living, The Grace Tour, and the Jeremy Anderson Brand.


Currently, she serves as

Proprietor of Jade Link Consulting Firm, Senior Vice President of Marketing of Coromandel, a Natural Hair and Skin Beauty Agency based in London, England;

and is the Co-Producer of The Business Women of Atlanta reality show and podcast.

Dr Cockerham is walking in her purpose! 

Divine Feminine and a Master Manifester, she’s straight forward, goal oriented, and loves to travel and spend downtime with her loving parents, grandmother, six siblings, four nieces, and ten nephews.