The BWA awards and honors system recognizes people who:
have made achievements in public life
have committed themselves to serving and helping people of color
having made life better for other people are outstanding at what they do
are still be actively involved in what you’re nominating them for

We award and honor people in the community for their achievements such as:
making a difference to their community or field of work
enhancing the reputation of typically disenfranchised groups
long-term voluntary service
innovation and entrepreneurship
serving as a change agents, with an emphasis on achievement
improving life for people who are unable to help themselves
displaying moral courage

Our awards and honors are given to people involved in fields including:
community, voluntary, and local services
arts and media
science and technology
business and the economy
civil or political service

Whether someone gets an award or honor - and the specific award or honor they get - is decided by the BWA Awards and Honors Committee. 

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