Sunday Harvey

Sunday, named after the first and most revered day of the week, has a bubbly and contagious personality that shines as bright as the rays in the sky. She is also known as, “Sunshine the Diva,” Buckhead’s newest Sophisticated Diva!


Sunday began her journey to success in her hometown, Toledo, Ohio. Often, identified as the “Majesty of Hairstyling,” before expanding her passion into fashion. Tony Tuggle, her partner in life and in business, is "The Brand Guru" who inspired and encouraged her to crash through the glass ceiling of Toledo and branch out and take on the world. Together, they have accepted the challenges and they are excited to discover what the world has to offer. 


Tony and Sunshine recently moved to the metropolitan Atlanta area of Buckhead. Their objective is to launch their unique clothing line, "DeeVaz N Diamondz.” "DeeVaz N Diamondz" is sexy, yet comfortable-fitting attire, worn as exercise gear and/or casual clothing. They have combined their athletic and leisure line called, "Athleisure Wear."


Tony and Sunshine base their company in Atlanta because of the diversity of the city and the diversity of their clothing line seemed to be a perfect marriage. Living in Buckhead for nearly a year, has proved to be a great decision. Since the relocation, they have built a plethora of business associates and created a world of new opportunities. 


"DeeVaz N Diamondz" is not just business for them; it is their passion with a purpose! Their passion is the creation of art. Their purpose is to make all women feel as if they are flawless Divas when wearing their apparel; size, height or shape is IRRELEVANT! The "DeeVaz N Diamondz" fashion line will provide the LOOK and the ATTITUDE! They are not just starting a trend; they are starting a culture.

I'm Like a Diamond, UNBREAKABLE!