Jo’nesha Aiken, is a passionate individual with a strong interest in business and show business. She is a native from Savannah, Georgia and the second child of three children by Wanda D. Herron and Joseph Aiken, Sr. As a young girl, Jo’nesha had dreams of pursuing her career in entertainment and high hopes of opening up her own business establishments.


After graduating Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University, with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Drama, she began working at a law firm as a multi-processor in Buckhead. Her expertise developed her into a multifaceted skilled paralegal, but she still felt unfulfilled.


The dream of show business, acting and dancing, was also a dream her mother, Wanda D. Herron and grandmother, Mary “Big Red” Black also held. Unfortunately, due to circumstances of life and radical decisions, they were not able to achieve their dreams in entertainment. Despite the obstacles, Jo’nesha hoped to address the burning desires of her heart.


As drastic as it may seem, Jo’nesha quit her corporate job to follow her dreams of entertainment. She no longer will allow others to dictate her life, but the decision to create the life she sought after was her new mission.


As she continued onward with little savings, Jo’nesha booked gig’s here and there and has built a steady awareness in the developing Atlanta film and television industry. Though it was fun and exciting, she quickly learned her desires within will test her dedication and determination. Not only would she have to beat out other actresses and models for bookings, but control the inner voice, which isn’t always positive and polite. At times, she wondered if leaving the comfort of her corporate job was abrupt, but her strong family support system and the encouragement of loved ones, she continues her journey. 


In 2017, Jo’nesha experienced a spiritual shift, which affected her in a personal manner. Already a clean eater and active lifestyle enthusiast, she decided to become a vegetarian, and eventually vegan, not only for the physical health benefits, but also for the spiritual aspect. She credits her sister Zvonda as her inspiration. “This is a time in life where the Spirit is most important and must be nurtured,’ quotes Jo’nesha.


Now, life seems more meaningful and dreams more possible, because the spirit realm confirms its completeness. As she continues to transform on a spiritual level, the power within has encouraged and renewed Jo’nesha’s faith that her vision shall become an actuality. 


With long set days, fickle bookings and casting callbacks, Jo’nesha shall thrive! In spite of the shortcomings in the highly selective entertainment industries, Jo’nesha’s dream will not die and the entertainer and entrepreneur extraordinaire will prosper.

JoNesha Aiken

You cant stop a woman who has the universe inside her