Ravry Sloan, a native of southwest Atlanta for almost 40 years, is a published author of two fiction novels, Beyond the Blues and A Taste of Honey. Ravry has always enjoyed observing the interactions between people so when deciding to explore writing fiction novels and dealing with relationships seemed to be very stimulating to her thoughts.


Ravry best describes her style of writing as DRAMAROTICA™ - which combines topics dealing with everyday social issues such as life and relationships, the DRAMA, as well as writing about the intimacy and romance, the EROTICA. If you have never experienced a novel before then you are in for a real treat when reading Ravry’s sophomore novel, A Taste of Honey.


To read a Ravry Sloan novel is more than just interpreting words on a page but will lead you escaping from your reality and entering into an ambiance of seduction by tickling, entertaining and expanding your imagination. Ravry is the proud mother of two beautiful children who inspire her to be great!

Ravry Sloan

 You live and you learn